Those tweets tho’

Ah the wonderful world of Twitter. I wonder how many of their 300 million users actually enjoy summing up their thoughts into an insubordinatley small amount of characters on a daily basis, whilst simultaneously being aware these thoughts must be phrased in an incredibly witty way to ensure any size of readership. Well I for one… do not.

Except it would seem, when I get tweeted by famous people, now that does get me excited. This happened about a month ago. Those who know me will know that I am always eager to expand my growing collection of Game of Thrones autographs, so I sought out Charlotte Hope on Twitter. Charlotte, of course, plays Ramsay Snow’s psychopath girlfriend Myranda in series 3, 4 and got some serious screen time in the latest episode of series 5. Anyway, she said she’d be happy to sign a photo for me.

Charlotte Hope TweetAnd later that week, I was met with more correspondence, albeit of a more passive-aggressive manner. A few weeks ago I gave a very negative review of new sitcom ‘Car Share’. Anyway, the production company who made that show; Core Post, read my review and were less than pleased. Obviously believing the philosophy that ‘All publicity is good publicity’, they thanked me for my viewership, yet kindly pointed out a mistake; that there was no green screen in the episode. At least someone on their team has a sense of humor, maybe they could write a sitcom.

Car Share TweetIf anyone wants to tweet me, I’d love to hear your comments; @penpalthe.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Famous Person from Game of Thrones says:

    Now this is why some of us just can’t handle all date tweetin’ 😉

    1. Philip Bull says:

      You seek a sense of purpose, don’t worry, work on your Instagram account will commence soon.

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