It’s Not What You Know Recording – Series 3

One mild mannered host, three or four vaguely amusing guests, and a nice table. The format for panel shows is pretty frickin’ generic, probably the reason they appear so much in Radio 4’s comedy schedule. It was therefore quite nice for me, to attend the recording of a panel show, which actually had some individuality.

It's Not What You Know ‘It’s Not What You Know’ features radio veteran Miles Jupp as its host, and features guests trying to answer questions with the same answers as pre-recorded answers given by their friends or family. Additionally, the game is interlaced with wonderfully written jokes performed by Jupp, making the whole affair very amusing indeed.

PannelistsAt the recording I attended comedian Sarah Millican, Radio 4’s Nathan Caton and Pointless’ Richard Osman featured as guests. It was rather amusing to see the sense of humour clashes going on between the panellists. Whilst Jupp and Osman preferred, let’s say more sophisticated jokes, Caton and Millican’s were overly sexual and sometimes even crude. It’s not to say they weren’t amusing though and hearing Osman’s reactions to some of the comments was hilarious.

Miles JuppThe guests all performed well, I can’t say who won for spoiler reasons though. Sadly the broadcast is only 30 minutes long, a length that does not do justice to the sheer amount of jokes made. Go to the recordings everyone!

Richard OsmanAfterwards I met Jupp, Caton and Osman, although Sarah Millican slipped through my fingers. What wonderful people, and a wonderful program too. The show will be broadcast later this year.


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