The Lentil Sorters Recording – Episodes 3 & 4

So Cabin Pressure’s finished, My First Planet too by the looks of things. Milton Jones is slowly going out of fashion and Bigipedia is forgotten by pretty much everyone. So what is Pozzitive Productions, the company behind this excellent array of radio sitcoms, to do with itself now? The answer is of course create new programs, about governmental statistic offices.

Lentil SortersYup that’s the setting for ‘The Lentil Sorters’. It focusses on the day-to-day workings of the Office of Local & National Statistics. It has impressive cast including Cucumber’s Vincent Franklin, as statistic-obsessed Graham, Rebekah Staton (Mother of Mine in Doctor Who) as democratic Audrey, Cabin Pressure’s Kieran Hodgson as master manipulator Daniel, and Spaced’s Julia Deakin as Mrs Wilkins; the tea lady.

Lentil SortersAnd these four, well, they get up to some pretty crazzzzzzy stuff to find the statistics they need and get the reports in on time. They certainly don’t stop short of using their knowledge to win bets in illegal dog fights, or breaking into the houses of a man’s dodgy tea growing business.

Despite the unusual setting, this sitcom has a certain feel about it, that feeling you get when you know a show can go far if only the audience warm to it. It’s a feeling I never had about Pozzitive’s recent success; the Brig Society (get it? ‘cos it’s crap). It will be interesting to see how it’s received when it airs this autumn.

Vincent FranklinAfterwards, I got autographs from the actors, all of whom were delightful. I also managed to get a script signed by the main cast, and all the guest actors. That was nice 🙂


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