Some Famous People

My blogging activity has sadly decreased recently, however that’s not to say I haven’t attended plenty of radio recordings at the BBC. To summarise, here are a few of the famous people I’ve met in the last few months.

Tim Vine

I met comedian Tim Vine in October, when he was recording ‘Tim Vine’s Chat Show’ a one-off stand-up performance for BBC Radio 2’s annual comedy gala. The show consisted of an unending stream of one liners from Vine, interrupted only by brief interviews with members of the audience, including my friend Amber.

Tim VineJessica Hynes

Jessica Hynes, the star of Spaced, Twenty Twelve, W1A with guest roles in Skins, Doctor Who and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Hynes was hosting an episode of ‘With Great Pleasure’, a showcase of the host’s favourite passages and poems, back in July. She was in a rush after the show but managed to sign a few items for me.

Jessica HynesCyril Nri

Cyril was reading in Jessica’s episode of ‘With Great Pleasure’ and signed some photographs for me after the show. I know him from his guest appearance in the Sarah Jane Adventures and his leading role in Cucumber.

Cyril NriAlex MacQueen

Alex was features in ‘The King’s Men’, another comedy commission for Radio 2’s comedy gala. He seemed to me a very lovely man, posing for a photograph after the show. As a fan of Doctor Who I know him as the Master, appearing in Big Finish radio dramas since 2012.

Alex MacqueenIsy Suttie

The comedian and star of Peep Show has recently taken over as host of ‘Sketchorama’, a radio show that showcases performances from various sketch groups. Also a lovely person, she signed for me and discussed the recording of Peep Show and its [then] upcoming final series.

Isy Suttie


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