Reading University – English Literature Applicant Day

So the quest to get accepted by a half-decent university continues, with Applicant Days being the next bump in a very bumpy road. Applicant Days are run by universities, to candidates they’ve offered places to, and showcase a little bit of what you’ll be doing during the course. The other day I attended my first applicant day at the University of Reading.

So the day started at about 10, with a tour of the campus. Whilst I’d already done one of these at the open day, it’s was nice to see the campus again, not to mention the bloke trying to flog us the premium accommodation options (cheaper options were ‘unavailable’).


Then we had some talks, the first of which was given by a professor of English Literature, explaining the course and the division of study over the three years. The second was given by a student and concerned student life. I must say it was rather amusing when she showed a photo of the sports centre and admitted she’d never been inside. #futureme

Then we had what was probably the most fun part of the day. A mock seminar. We were all given a pack of poems and asked to read them through before discussing them as a group. Finally, thought I, fellow poetry enthusiasts. The poems we discussed were Catherine Dickinson’s poem 764 (famous for introducing the ‘Loaded Gun’ metaphor) and Kai Miller’s ‘Some Definitions for Night’. Both of which were interesting poems, especially as I’d never heard of Kai Miller before. Some say that means he’s a randomer. Others would say it’s just ‘cos I haven’t heard of him.


So all in all a lovely trip. Learnt a lot about the course, especially getting to experience the feel of a seminar for myself. Let’s hope Reading gets into my top choices then!


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