Walking Dead/Breaking Bad link Confirmed

There’s been a long-standing theory that AMC’s two biggest shows; The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, are set in the same multi-verse, with Breaking Bad set in the years preceding Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse. There’s some (but not much) evidence to support this, including:

  • Walt’s blue meth appears in a bag of Merle’s drugs
  • The red ‘Dodge Challenger’ car appearing in both series
  • The name Glenn is mentioned in Breaking Bad (a pretty weak link this)
  • Daryl tells Beth how Merle’s dealer used the phrase “I’m gonna kill you bitch”

However, the season six finale offers us a bit more concrete evidence that connects the two shows, through the casting of Steven Ogg as an unnamed saviour.

Steven Ogg in The Walking Dead

Ogg, famous for his role in the Grand Theft Auto games, popped up in the episode ‘Last Day on Earth’ playing a member of Negan’s psychotic band of survivors. Yet it was only last year Ogg appeared in Breaking Bad prequel ‘Better Call Saul, playing Sobchak, a gang member hired to protect an amateur drug dealer.

Both characters are violent, well enunciated, have a cool mustache and ARE PLAYED BY THE SAME GUY. If this isn’t proof that the two series co-exist, I don’t know what is. It can’t be a coincidence that AMC have refused to name Ogg’s Walking Dead character either.

better call saul
Steven Ogg as Sobchak in Better Call Saul

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