Tim Vine’s Chat Show Recording – Series 1

564eb9b5-e5eb-42d6-8852-c3d9c08f2a7dLast year my friends and I attended the recording of ‘Time Vine’s Chat Show’ a half hour comedy made for BBC Radio 2’s annual Comedy Showcase. The show was an immediate success, with the BBC investing in a full series of the show to air this summer (now on BBC Radio 4). We returned to hear the first episode of the new series being recorded.

So the show (recorded at BBC Broadcasting House) starts with Vine giving a monologue, filled with his signature, quick-fire jokes and puns. Then comes the main part of the show, where Vine brings up members of the audience, whom he interviews. He asks the guests about their jobs (we had a HR manager for a Christian charity), funny stories they have (like a guy who once pretended to be in a band) and fills any breathing room with more [improvised] jokes. About six of these interviews were recorded, four of which should appear in the episode.

Vine intercut the show with more audience participation games, in which he came to the masterful conclusion that half the audience was retired, and some comedic songs. These we’rent the strongest part of the show yet really showcased Vine’s wide talent and fun-loving personality, which is always a bonus.

078fe6fc-5e30-42c2-b55c-367f63e8cb85Overall I thought both the show and format were great, really building upon the introduction it got last year. Whilst I can’t see the show lasting years such as Radio 4’s staples ‘The Unbelievable Truth’ and the like, I’m sure it will be enjoyed.

And here I am with my friends and the man himself!


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