Interrail Trip 2016 – Venice, Italy

img_20160708_123531With the conclusion of our exhausting A-Level exams, my friends and I were left to enjoy a sprawling, three-month summer holiday. We had all decided to skip gap years (because realistically what would I do with my time?) and start university in September. So in the interim, we thought we ought to make ourselves more cultured and well-travelled and planned a short inter-railing break in Europe.

Our itinerary wasn’t as long as some, we decided to visit three locations (Venice, Budapest and Athens) and spend a week in each. We told ourselves this was so we could forge meaningful connections with our surroundings, and become closely acquainted with the area. But honestly, spending hours on a cramped European train every other day was not appealing. So unappealing in fact that we decided to fly between each location.

img-20160710-wa0037-copyWe set off from Heathrow, and landed at the Marco Polo airport in Venice at about 1 in the morning (it was the cheapest flight okay!) After a night on the airport floor we set off for our hostel, which Google Maps kindly told us was just a short walk away. In reality it was a three hour walk, struggling with our heavy camping bags, and dying from the knowledge that you can’t drink tap water in Italy.

We were all alive when we got there however, that’s all that matters aye.

The city of Venice was absolutely beautiful. Swelteringly hot and so bright I could hardly see even with sunglasses on, but it was worth it for the sights. Every side street, every building, every twist in the canal was just stunning. The architecture! The art! The pure, unadulterated poetry floating around us in the air! Look I appreciate stuff!

Whilst we were iimg_20160709_130221-01n the city we tried to visit the main sights. St Mark’s Campanile gave us (and my Instagram account) a great view over the city. The basilica was massive and beautiful and I’ve never seen so many paintings of Saint Peter in my life. We also got the ferry across to the island of Lido and went swimming on the beach. Good job I had purchased those minion swimming trunks right guys?

We were staying at Camping Rialto (there you go, some free promotion) which was a sort of hostel/campsite/caravan park hybrid. We got our own little shed and it was very cute, whilst over the road there was a Lidl, so we had baguettes when we needed them.

There was no wifi though, annoying. We had to keep popping in Burger King!



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