Interrail Trip 2016 – Budapest, Hungary

img_20160712_135513So the next location in our world-wide expedition, was Budapest. We actually arrived at this one at a sensible hour of the day, so no rough airport camping for us #winning. We caught the metro from the airport to Budapest town and then arrived at our hostel (Google Maps was a little more accurate this time).

Our hostel was called ‘Carpe Noctem Vitae’ which, as the well versed among you have undoubtedly already worked out, means ‘seize the night life’. It was inhabited by that intimidating breed of human; millennials. Not any millennials though, the fun, up-beat, really cool and hip and enviable millennials who everrrrrry body wants to be, and who drank their nights away in a succession of ‘ruin pubs’.

img_20160716_183051Okay, they were actually quite nice, and they didn’t steal our food which was good. For the second half of the trip we stayed at HIVE hostel. Now this place looked like a space, but the lack of friendly youngsters made it feel oddly… empty.

The city of Budapest is actually very beautiful. Its huge, yet everything is spaced out so the roads and pavements are huge. In the middle of the city is Vajdahunyad castle. It’s a nineteenth century construction meant to showcase the architecture of older buildings, and it really pulls it off in a series of beautifully complex buildings. In the middle of the river is Margitsziget, an island entirely given over to parks and recreation facilities. Meanwhile the national Hungarian gallery across the river was showing a huge exhibition on Picasso, and we are all ‘cultured’ kids so we loved that.

img_20160719_124045We also met up with two friends who were also travelling at the time. Our days together included sightseeing in the middle of torrential rain (we got these sick waterproof ponchos though so it was okay), and climbing to the top of the Hapsburg citadel to watch the sun set over the skyline of the city. They also joined us for the famous Budapest pool party. Basically, hundreds of young millennials, a pair of ancient thermal baths, and some flashing lights. Can’t really describe it any better than that, but it was a great event to experience. And it meant I could use my minion swimming trunks again.

A wonderful city all-in-all. Had a lot of culture, nice nightlife, saw some Picasso which was cool. Didn’t I mean to say something about illuminati? There was illuminati graffiti EVERYWHERE!



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