2015… A good thing?

Yay it’s 2015. That’s a good thing right, surely it’s a good thing? Or does it just mean I’ve just wasted a whole year of my life doing absolutely nothing?

Nope, it must be a good thing.

But 2015 aye, a new year, with new stuff to do, heaps more school work, some great returning TV shows and of course more blogging! Everybody say “YES! We love your blog Philip!”

So yeah, I wish everyone a great 2015, hope your New Year resolutions are fulfilled and please come back, I’ll still be here. Below is a short video I made of the London fireworks, that I can see from my house. Although, if you turn the screen off it could easily pass for the Blitz.

The Olympic Torch comes to Croydon

After two months of hearing about every

other cities’ experience of the Olympic flame, today I got to witness it myself.

I recently heard that today 20,000 went to watch the Olympic Flame travel through Croydon, one of whom was myself. The crowd was dense, the sun intense and yet the excitement of being just a small part in something that is dominating our country, was greater still.

And so I waited, watched while the sponsorship vans came past, stared at the commuters dangling out of their office windows, waiting for the one moment which soon came.

The first I knew about it was a tremendous cheer from down the road and along came a procession of vans, amidst whom was a man jogging, and waving with the torch in his hand. I had more time than most to admire the flame as the torchbearers changed right in front of me.

And then they were off again, just a memory and soon they were out of site. And here came the best bit, the crowds filling the streets, swarming into every McDonalds in sight to get their lunch.

At least I can always say that today I was part of history (although quite a small part).