McGann’s Back!!!

paul-mcgann-2013-doctor-whoWe’ve been told by just about every official source, that none of the Classic Doctors will be making an appearance in this year’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations. We’ve been told by the BBC, we’ve been told by Moffat and even by the Classic Doctors themselves. However, it turns out one of them has been lying.

It is Paul McGann who’s donned his costume once more and worked some action with the trusty old Sonic Screwdriver. His appearance is in an online mini-episode; The Night of the Doctor, a prequel to this years 50th. The clip, which is seven minutes long, also sees the return of the Sisterhood of Karn (last seen during Tom Baker’s tenure). The clip shows the events leading to and including McGann’s long awaited regeneration, however not into whom the audience is expecting.

Admitting the short clip is not the best of Moffat’s work. The script seems a tad rushed whilst the special effects department had obviously had their budget cut for this work. However it was nice to see Paul McGann back (currently the shortest-lived Doctor with a screen time equating to less than 90 minutes) and to know that around the world thousands of fan-girls have had their dreams answered in seeing the Eight Doctor Once more.

If you want to take a look at the Night of the Doctor (in my opinion the first mini-episode done that’s actually been any good), watch it below:

The Note-Taker

Today was one of my school’s twice-yearly ‘Academic Review Days’. Basically it means you go into school, chat to a teacher for 15 minutes about how you are doing, and go home again.

One of my targets for improvement was to make a summary sheet for each lesson I do. My teacher got a bit carried away with ideas; firstly it was sheets, next using a dictatorphone and then even getting onto making a blog. I don’t think he was being serious.

However I had taken a shine to the idea. If you want to see my new blog ‘The Note-Take’ then go to:

Let the note-taking commence.

How are chairs like Facebook?

As most Facebook users will know, recently Facebook has hit the 1 billion users target. And although this number probably contains scores of users who are:

  1. Not real.
  2. Duplicate accounts.
  3. Pets or soft toys.
  4. Dead.

Facebook still thought it necessary to launch a brand new advert to mark this occasion. Please note this is only a shortened version of the ad.

Now most of you will agree with me that this advert is, for use of the common phrase, pathetic. I don’t think anybody has ever looked at a chair and though “My oh my, this chair really reminds me of Facebook”. I think I am also right in saying that this applies to aeroplanes, doorbells, bridges and; for some even more bizarre reason, basketball.

Another poor point was about halfway through when the makers of the advert were obviously at a loss to find something else people share. I quote:

“about ideas, and music and other things that people share.”

Facebook has obviously taken a gamble with this advert and, for me, it hasn’t paid off.

Facebook vs Twitter

Which is better,  Facebook or Twitter?

It is a question that has filled the heads of millions since these two internet rivalries came into play. And now it is going to be answered once and for all, by me.

I have acounts on both of these site, both of which I use regularly, so it was extremly difficult for me to find an argument bettering one over the other.

So instead I will go throught them one at a time. Starting with Facebook.

Facebook is easy to understand and is set out in a simple way.

In getting it it took me only 1 weekend to work out how to everything. It is designed to perfection and the new ‘Timeline look’ lets you personalise your things and set them out how you want.

On Facebook you can post messages, pictures and talk to other people (as well as looking at all their photographs.

It is also really easy to see what other people are up to as they each have there own page which you can access.

I currently have 1029 followers on Twitter, because of my various blogs, but after two years of having it, I’m still not getting the hang of it.

Ok so you get to here whatever your favorite celebrity is up too but trying to keep track of all your followers at once is hard.

I think the layout if difficult to understand and the only reason so many people have got it is because there are so many celebrities on it.

I think you know what the answer is going to be.

Overall I think Facebook is the better of the two.

It is much easier to learn and you can keep in contact with your friends much more easily then you can on Twitter.

There will be those of you who disagree but to be honest, I don’t care.

Coming Soon; The Forgotten Disneys

Blogs of Today

It is incredibly rare, to find a good blog that is updated on a regular occasion.

I myself, have spent years trying to find good blogs, that would always have something different when I next looked and so I always had something good to read on the internet.

Of course one of the obvious exceptions is this blog (as we all know it is the best) but I have still composed a short list for you, on some of my favorite blogs.

Genius Words

This site is full to bursting with phrases and words that the author considers ‘Genius’.

It also sometimes has reviews on books and TV Shows on which the author has some intresting views.

Check it out. It’s Genius!

An English Teacher’s Toolbox

This one’s an intresting one as I can’t particuarily say it would be much good to an English teacher.

However it does have a really good collection of cool pictures, phrases and statistics.

You have to see it to know what I mean.

Doctor Who TV

For fans of Doctor Who such as I, this blog is a minefield of imformation.

It has practically everything you want to know about Doctor Who, and is updated everyday as well!

Quotational Quotes

It is pretty obvious to guess what this one is about, but I’ll tell you anyway.

It’s full of quotes! I know. Genius! Whatever you want a quote for, it will be there.

And new ones are added everyday.

Ok, so we’ve rapped up my little summary of blogs. I know there are hundreds more good ones but these are the ones I decided to write summaries about.

Check um’ out. And tell everybody about this one because it’s even better then those.


Coming Soon: Facebook vs Twitter

Mad about Pottermore

 I pride myself as being a great fan of Harry Potter. I have read the first book 16 times and the rest countless more times. I know nearly everything there is to know about the Potter universe and have memorised great chunks of the text.

So I, like many others, was very sad when the last film came out, as it marked the end of the time when I would always be looking forward to the release of the next book or film.

However I soon heard tell about a brand new, interactive Potter website which would be coming online at the end of the year. Its name, Pottermore!

And so I waited for this new site that would be coming open soon. And waited. And waited.

6 months later than promised. I was allowed in.

 Although annoyed about having to wait so long for them to fix a couple of server problems, I cannot deny that the chance to explore Pottermore was exciting. You emerge into a bright purple ‘Gateway’ filled with mysterious swirls and graphics which had obviously not come cheap.

As you explore the world of Pottermore you can see all parts of the story that you never see in the films and to an extent, the books either. Scattered along the way are objects, books and even specially written content by JK Rowling.

You also get a chance to be sorted into one of the houses yourself. GO GRYFFINDOR!

Trust me. Pottermore is amazing. Try it out.

And while you’re there, you can add me            ^^^^^^.