RIP Margaret Thatcher

Margaret_ThatcherYesterday saw the passing of Margaret Thatcher.

She was a woman, and her gender is quite important here as she remains to be the only ever female, British Prime Minister.

I can’t say I know much about her and what I do know mostly comes through her Wikipedia page which I read before reading this article.

As I hear she was born into a family where her father owned two grocery shops, and lived above the larger of the two.

Before she became Prime Minister she had a series of roles within British Parliament: first as Education Sectary and the leader of the opposition. I’m really not very good at obituaries.

She became Prime Minister in 1979 and resigned in 1990.

Margaret Thatcher lived the remaining few years of her life in bad health before dying of a stroke in 2013.

Here’s a picture of current Prime Minister; David Cameron, paying tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

David Cameron makes statement on the death of Margaret Thatcher

RIP Richard Griffiths

Vernon DursleyI am very sad to say that on the 28th of March, 2013, British actor Richard Griffiths passed away.

He died aged 65 after heart surgery complications.

He was known to me, and to many other naïve teenagers, simply due to his role as Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter film series however I had also seen him in The History Boys and Private Peaceful. However, as I have gained from the dozen or so obituaries that are already spilling onto the internet, Richard Griffiths was both an acting and comedy legend who starred in numerous TV shows, Films and Stage Plays.

I remember one of his jokes being used by Ed Morrish, the producer of Cabin Pressure, to make people turn off their mobile phones. “Turn off that phone now, or I will come and sit on your head”. He was quite a large man.

He will be very much missed and will join those great Harry Potter actors who died before him. Richard Harris, Robert Knox, Timothy Baterson and others.

Richard Griffiths