Gosh, It’s 2013!

glass-happy-new-yearIt’s a bit weird that my first post of 2013 is one announcing that is 2013. In my opinion there is nothing special about today that marks it out from yesterday apart from the change of one numeral in our date. New Year could have been chosen to happen in mid-summer or perhaps the beginning of autumn so why did the silly Romans or whoever came up with our date system choose to mark a New Year part way through the winter?

Well we will never know and quite honestly, never care. Sorry to waste your time, I hope 2013 goes very well for you.

Winter’s first snowfall

When I’m having breakfast I usually sit facing away from the window, whereas my mother and brother sit facing the window, so when they spent the whole of the morning talking about snow I had not idea that I was in fact snowing.

Ahhhhh winter’s first snowfall. I know everyone moans about it being a pain and the fact that young children become positively manic around it but I still can’t stop the child-like zest filling me whenever I see a landscape covered in snow. The wonderful crunch under your foot when you step on it and the fact that it makes playing ‘Yellow-car’ on your own so much more interesting due to the thick blanket of snow.

The best thing about snow is that it is the first true sign of winter and the long-anticipated Christmas holidays.

The snow has most-about gone now. It was falling heavily enough this morning but now nothing. Never mind. It was nice when it lasted (3hours).


2012 – The End of the World?

When asked ‘Do you expect any apocalyptic events to happen on December 21, 2012?’ sixteen percent of Americans said ‘yes’.

Now that may not seem a lot but actually evens out at over 40 million people. This added with the countless people in Europe, Oceana and even Asia and Africa who believe in this phenomenon, it adds to quite a lot.

Many ancient prophecies indicate that change is coming. Big change. Some people believe that this change will come in a complete apocalypse; the complete end of the world, whilst others believe that it will come in the form of human enlightenment, a quantum shift in human awareness and consciousness. Some even believe that the 21st will bring the return of Jesus, predicted for so long.

So why is the 21st of December 2012 the big day? Well this date is regarded as the end-date of a 5,125 year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar. This states (as I said earlier) that there will be a colossal change in the world.

However there have of course been ‘end of the world’ claims before. In the early 1900s, German scholar Ernst Förstemann interpreted the last page of the Dresden Codex as a representation of the end of the world in a cataclysmic flood. In September last year Ronald Weinland predicted Jesus Christ’s return to earth coinciding with nuclear explosions in US cities.

So really it is up to you. Is 2012 the end of the World?

The Olympic Torch comes to Croydon

After two months of hearing about every

other cities’ experience of the Olympic flame, today I got to witness it myself.

I recently heard that today 20,000 went to watch the Olympic Flame travel through Croydon, one of whom was myself. The crowd was dense, the sun intense and yet the excitement of being just a small part in something that is dominating our country, was greater still.

And so I waited, watched while the sponsorship vans came past, stared at the commuters dangling out of their office windows, waiting for the one moment which soon came.

The first I knew about it was a tremendous cheer from down the road and along came a procession of vans, amidst whom was a man jogging, and waving with the torch in his hand. I had more time than most to admire the flame as the torchbearers changed right in front of me.

And then they were off again, just a memory and soon they were out of site. And here came the best bit, the crowds filling the streets, swarming into every McDonalds in sight to get their lunch.

At least I can always say that today I was part of history (although quite a small part).