Aaron Richards (Young Mycroft Holmes) Interview

mycroft-1The fourth (and possibly final) series of Sherlock came to an explosive end on Sunday. I spoke to Aaron Richards who played a young Mycroft Holmes in flashback scenes, to find out about his experience filming the show.


Hi Aaron. Really enjoyed the flashback scenes in the latest episode. How many days were you filming for?

Umm well, I was only filming for 2 days. However young Sherlock was filming for much longer than me.

mycroft2What was it like working on the set of such a large-scale production?

It was really enjoyable to see the behind the scenes and work alongside some great actors. The sets were amazing and the cast were really friendly!

Did you have to keep your involvement secret or could you talk about your role before the episode aired?

No, I couldn’t publicise it. I signed a contract of secrecy.

mycroft-3Did you get to meet any of the main cast whilst filming?

I met Mark Gatiss and Benedict Cumberbatch. They were both extremely kind and friendly.

Did Mark Gatiss give you any particular instructions on how to play the character of Mycroft?

He was giving me small pointers as I was acting, from off-screen. Just the ways Mycroft would react with sharing, family and food etc.


Thank you Aaron for speaking to me. If anybody is interested in my Sherlock filming locations video, it can be found here.

John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme Recording – Complete Series 3

IMG_1442John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme is a radio sketch show, written by and starring Mr John Finnemore. Now earlier this year, it was announced that Souvenir Programme had been commissioned a third series and very soon tickets were available to order. Now I think I can say that I am quite a fan of Mr Finnemore, and so I applied for tickets to the recording of all six episodes and was ???????????????????????????????successful!

What I didn’t know however was that the team would be recording sketches multiple ties, either because they wanted to tweak bits, or because previous recordings had gone wrong or maybe simply to give the audience as much as possible. If it were this last reason then I admire the thought, I just feel it gets IMG_1435VERY VERY irritating listening to the same sketches over and over again.

So despite the fact that I pretty much listened to the whole series twice, the sketches themselves were very good. Listeners can look forward to the return of the good old Archers Sketch, a very large family reunion and all the possible outcomes of asking a IMG_1449stranger about their job. It was not just the writing and acting talent which was exceptional in this series, as Susannah Pearse provided excellent music to some great songs which include ‘Red Trousers’ and ‘Spiny Porcupine’.

So all in all I think this series has followed wonderfully in the footsteps of the previous two and I’ll look forward to hearing it Radio 4 where it airs this September.

The Now Show Recording – Series 39 Episode 7

150190_622615704420624_219931792_nA few weeks ago some friends and I went to a recording of the Now Show, a topical news comedy show, hosted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis.
The show was being recorded at our home-away-from-home; RADA Studios. We got there early of course and willed away the hours wait by sitting in the bar but not buying anything. (That joke was sort of made less 522001_622615687753959_604730703_nfunny by the fact that we’re underage anyway).
Then, who’s this?, a random women! No, actually she worked at RADA and was coming round with some sheets where we had to answer the question ‘What disturbs you from work?’ however we had to answer it in a funny way so that it might be read out and be included in the program. Turns out none of  us are very funny people.150182_622615874420607_1393688917_n
The show was a laugh. Most of the sketches revolved around Ed and David Miliband, and most of them were actually quite funny. I can’t remember much more about what happened as it was so long ago (I haven’t posted in ages).
After the show we waited around to get autographs and for the first time we managed to get autographs from the ENTIRE cast!CIMG0033 Like all of them. That was Laura Shavin, Marcus Brigestocke, Jon Holmes, Steve Punt, Mitch Benn and Hugh Dennis (the dad in Outnumbered).
By hanging around after that we were also given some of the scripts, Mitch Benn’s, Marcus Brigestock’s and Hugh Denis’.

I got Hugh Dennis’!

Sherlock Filming Locations Trip

A few days ago, me and my good friend Tim went on a little trip to London and visited many of the locations used to shot scenes from Sherlock. We made this little documentary about the day. Enjoy everybody!

Newsjack Recording – Series 8 Episode 5

156083_612439188771609_1176274895_nA few days ago I went to, yes, another radio recording. This time it was for Series 8, Episode 5 of BBC Radio 4 Extra program, Newsjack.

However there was one significant difference to this recording than the others I have been too, for it took place at the BBC Broadcasting House rather than the usual RADA Studios.

CIMG9009However it was a nice change for the Broadcasting house is many things that RADA sadly isn’t. Those are big, clean, bright and well-staffed.

There are floors upon floors of offices with people updating the weather or editing the news footage. The place was nicly furbished (having had a multi-million pound 296507_612439325438262_1306766627_nrefurbishment a few years ago). It also has life-size models of both the TARDIS and a dalek, which were quite fun to pose for pictures in front of.

However being big a new, the broadcasting house had a slightly artificial tone and was definitely not as friendly as RADA. The women on reception’s forehead reflected the light above and she spoke with an American ac164396_612439332104928_776312710_ncent! You have no idea how much I hate American accents.

The show itself was excellent however two famialiar faces were missing; Host Justin Edwards and actress Pippa Evans. Some great jokes were cracked including the workings of the new Pope’s mind and a ‘Mind the Gap’ CD.

Me, and some friends, and a TARDIS


Last night was the last episode of a Six-Part BBC Series, Blandings. It stars Timothy Spall as clueless earl and owner of a massive castle and indeed massive pig; Clarence Threepwood.

He lives in Blandings castle with his controlling sister Lady Constance (Jenifer Saunders) and Butler Sebastian Beach (Mark Williams). He also has a, shall I say, rather odd son Frederick (Jack Farthing) who is constantly visiting, mainly looking for money to repay his gambling debts. The series revolves around this set-up.


Although this was quite a light-hearted historical drama I’m afraid it did get a bit repetitive at times. There are only so-many nieces a man can have and all of Clarence’s seemed to spend their time just sitting about sorry for themselves about not being able to marry whom they choose (bloody hell just marry him). Two of the six episodes revolved around Clarence trying to rid the castle of Baxter, a personal assistant hired for him by his sister (although marvellously played by David Walliams).

Jack Farthing, someone I’d never seen, heard sbout or cared about before this show gave a great performance. I really don’t know whether his painfully annoying posh accent was real or put-on!


Doctor Who vs Merlin

Well this is a first, me updating my blog not three days after my last post!

Anyone who’s Saturday nights consist of sitting in front of BBC one with a mug of coffee and a plate of toast, will have noticed that recently two big BBC rivalries have been broadcast in quick succession.

That’s right I am talking about Doctor Who and Merlin. For years the young and the old have argued about which of these now classic dramas is the best, and today I am going to be answering that question.

Let us start with Doctor Who. Doctor Who used to be one of my favourite shows. Every Saturday I would sit down, eager for another episode of David Tennant charging about battling monsters. Those were the days.

In 2010 not only David Tennant but also head writer Russell T Davies and Executive Producer Julie Gardner would be leaving the show. I was upset but still willing to stick by the new doctor; played by an unheard of actor Matt Smith as well as Steven Moffat who had written for Doctor Who before.

However when the show returned it was filled with weak storylines, week plots, week acting and weak storylines. I hated both the 5th and 6th series and Matt Smith and the team have only ever tried to pull themselves together for the 7th series.

I watched Merlin ever since it started in 2008. If anything Merlin was a completely opposite case to Doctor Who, starting worse and then progressively getting better.

Merlin follows a young boy, struggling to protect his secret of magic, in a kingdom where he would be killed if it be discovered. During this he befriends the legendary Prince Arthur, serving girl Gwen and Court Physician Gaius.

In a way, every episode was mainly the same but you can’t help loving Merlin.  The progressive storylines, the changing characters, the great dragon who is in it less and less.

So I think you will see by now that Merlin has definitely overthrown Doctor Who. Sherlock however is a different matter…