John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme Recording – Series 4 Episode 2

As I have explained numerous times on this blog, but will do so again for the sake of consistency, ‘John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme’ is a radio 4 sketch show, penned by Cabin Pressure writer John Finnemore. Recently I attended a recording of an episode of  the fourth series.

???????????????????????????????The recording took place at the Shaw Theatre in London, a venue I had not yet visited. All the normal cast were present including Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Simon Kane. Lawry Lewin and Carrie Quinlan. The episode contained many hilarious sketches, some of which I had already heard at the series try-outs (here and here). These included various sun gods arguing at a dinner party, a very uninspiring careers advisor and something about Humpty Dumpty.

???????????????????????????????One sketch I found less funny was a very long, very drawn-out piece where the cast played bowling skittles who seemed to have taken the bowling balls up as Gods for some reason. The sketch consisted of the cast rotating and speaking in whimpish murmurs up to the balls, asking them not to be knocked down. Probably the only sketch in the entire show I didn’t like.

IMG_1592After the show I went on my regular autograph hunt. As well as acquiring a script for the episode I also got the whole cast (+Ed Morrish and Susannah Pearse) to sign this poster which I designed myself!

Welcome to Our Village Recording – Series 2 Episodes 1 & 3

“What’s this? A radio (YAY!) sitcom (YAAY!) starring Peter Davison (YAAAY!) and Hannah Murray (YAAAAY)? Of course I flippin’ want to go and see that.”

…was my reaction to seeing tickets for ‘Welcome to Our Village’ appear online. Welcome to Our Village is a sitcom for BBC Radio 4 (originally Radio 2) based around a group of aliens invading a small, traditional English village. The cast includes Peter Davison (THE DOCTOR!), Hannah Murray (Cassie from Skins), Jan Francis (who reads the Famous Five audiobooks) and Hattie Morahan (Jane in Outnumbered).

Welcome to Our villageAlthough I had heard some dodgy reviews about the first series, the second was amazing! The first episode (Series 2 Episode 1) centered around the series leads Katrina and Lucy (Morahan and Murray) attempting the escape from the village, provoking the alien leader Uljabaan to seize the village allotments to grow murderous plants. The second episode (Series 2 Episode 3) deals with the aliens’ computer getting a new hobby; joining in with the village pub quiz!

Hannah MurrayAfter the show I met some of the cast however The Doctor (alias Peter Davison) managed to escape my grasp. However I did meet Hannah Murray who was THE NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD, Hattie Morahan and John Luke-Roberts (the computer). I also spoke with Ed Morrish the producer (who also produces John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme).

Me and Ed MorrishThe second series of ‘Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully’ airs later this year on BBC Radio 4.

Newsjack Recording – Series 8 Episode 3

Newsjack Series 8 Episode 3Newsjack is a radio-comedy-news based-sketch show (there is a name for that but I’ve forgotten it) broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. It is an unusual show it that it is made up entirely of sketches and one-liners sent in by members of the public before being performed by actors.

The stars of the show are Justin Edwards, Lewis MacLeod and Pippa Evans. It also stars The Audiencethe fabulously fabulous Margaret Cabourn-Smith, star of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Program, Miranda and Do the Right Thing. Yesterday I got the pleasure of going to the recording of Series 8 Episode 3 of Newsjack.

I took place at the ever-familiar RADA studios in London, somewhere I had been once to the recording of Cabin Pressure and twice to follow celebrities into coffee shops. The full castHowever the difference here was that instead of the long que of eccentric, middle-aged and single women, the crowed there was that of normal people. Normal people, with lives! It made four small and quite teenagers seem quite out-of-place.

We started off with a little intro from producer Ed Morrish, also producer of Souvenir Program, and then another from Justine Edwards and us!lead actor Justin Edwards. The cast then entered and we were then subjected to a hilarious forty-five minutes of sketch which included Al-Qaeda’s guide to keeping safe during a drone attack, David Bowie popping up everywhere and the familiar Newsjack app.

Afterwards my friends and I stayed around, perilously assessing the risk of going up to My signed ticketsomeone and asking them for 6 autographs (there were four of us). At the end of it we walked out having met Lewis MacLeod, Pippa Evans and Justin Edwards. Unfortunatley we were not able to catch Margaret Caboun-Smith before she left, nor could we pluck up the courage to sneak into a circle of people to get the autograph of Ed Morrish. Oh well.