How are chairs like Facebook?

As most Facebook users will know, recently Facebook has hit the 1 billion users target. And although this number probably contains scores of users who are:

  1. Not real.
  2. Duplicate accounts.
  3. Pets or soft toys.
  4. Dead.

Facebook still thought it necessary to launch a brand new advert to mark this occasion. Please note this is only a shortened version of the ad.

Now most of you will agree with me that this advert is, for use of the common phrase, pathetic. I don’t think anybody has ever looked at a chair and though “My oh my, this chair really reminds me of Facebook”. I think I am also right in saying that this applies to aeroplanes, doorbells, bridges and; for some even more bizarre reason, basketball.

Another poor point was about halfway through when the makers of the advert were obviously at a loss to find something else people share. I quote:

“about ideas, and music and other things that people share.”

Facebook has obviously taken a gamble with this advert and, for me, it hasn’t paid off.

Facebook vs Twitter

Which is better,  Facebook or Twitter?

It is a question that has filled the heads of millions since these two internet rivalries came into play. And now it is going to be answered once and for all, by me.

I have acounts on both of these site, both of which I use regularly, so it was extremly difficult for me to find an argument bettering one over the other.

So instead I will go throught them one at a time. Starting with Facebook.

Facebook is easy to understand and is set out in a simple way.

In getting it it took me only 1 weekend to work out how to everything. It is designed to perfection and the new ‘Timeline look’ lets you personalise your things and set them out how you want.

On Facebook you can post messages, pictures and talk to other people (as well as looking at all their photographs.

It is also really easy to see what other people are up to as they each have there own page which you can access.

I currently have 1029 followers on Twitter, because of my various blogs, but after two years of having it, I’m still not getting the hang of it.

Ok so you get to here whatever your favorite celebrity is up too but trying to keep track of all your followers at once is hard.

I think the layout if difficult to understand and the only reason so many people have got it is because there are so many celebrities on it.

I think you know what the answer is going to be.

Overall I think Facebook is the better of the two.

It is much easier to learn and you can keep in contact with your friends much more easily then you can on Twitter.

There will be those of you who disagree but to be honest, I don’t care.

Coming Soon; The Forgotten Disneys