Roaming the empty school

Like the nice and dedicated little student I am, I have just come back from a second day of my half term spent in school trying to catch up on coursework.

Well I say catch-up, I was never given the chance to do it in the first place as I am doing six hours a week of science instead of the mundane five meaning that I am left with half the time everybody else had to do a whole ICT GCSE.


But that’s not the reason of this blog article. I just want to say how absolutely amazing it is being in school during the holidays. Everywhere is empty. The classrooms, the corridors, the halls. Its spooky, as if everybody has died and the school is now haunted. Dotted around the place are cleaners who are evidently idylling away their days cleaning the walls (why would you need to clean walls?).

There are also the teachers who have stupidly given up their time to help us with this; I think they’re mad personally.

Anyway, must do this again. I wonder if the school will be unlocked tomorrow.


Spot of Revision

Ok well hello to all you guys who either really love my blog and are checking for an update and also those of you who have been hoodwinked by Google and won’t even read this as you’ve probably gone already.

It has occurred to me frequently over the last week that I haven’t blogged much recently which is partly because I have a paramount pile of homework to do and partly ‘cos I don’t have much to blog about.

Anyway I’m just doing a spot of late revision (I have done it before today but there’s nothing like last minute cram-it-all-in-why the-hell-don’t-i-know-this time!

I realise that this were not a proper blog post but I really must go. Cheerio (that rhymed)!

Some revision notes

The Note-Taker

Today was one of my school’s twice-yearly ‘Academic Review Days’. Basically it means you go into school, chat to a teacher for 15 minutes about how you are doing, and go home again.

One of my targets for improvement was to make a summary sheet for each lesson I do. My teacher got a bit carried away with ideas; firstly it was sheets, next using a dictatorphone and then even getting onto making a blog. I don’t think he was being serious.

However I had taken a shine to the idea. If you want to see my new blog ‘The Note-Take’ then go to:

Let the note-taking commence.