Harry Potter Filming Locations Trip

So a few months ago I made a video where I went round London and visited some of the Sherlock Filming Locations.

It was great fun so I decided to do a Harry Potter one as well.

I was joined by some friends. Check out their blogs at:



The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films

Over the last few months, my passion for Harry Potter has been waning a bit. I think this has to be because of the fact that I did over-exploit both the films and books, and by that I mean constantly re-rereading and rewatching. This is sad for me because I am worried that my passion and enthusiasm for the stories will go and leave way to my recent most obsessions such as Cabin Pressure and Lord of the Rings.

However recently something happened that was just enough the restart that Harry Potter spark from within me!

I was searching the Internet for the latest news relating to Harry Potter when a review came up for a small exhibition going on in London and it just so happened I would be in London, in that very area on the week it was open.


‘The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films’ was a collection of graphic props from the Harry Potter films. These included Posters, Magazine Covers and Potion Boxes. Although small (the gallery was only two rooms big), this was an excellent place to see some new designs I hadn’t seen before and some closer up (which I had seen in DVD extras and other stuff like that). Although nothing like the ‘Harry Potter Studio Tours’, this was a great place to see some of the film’s unseen but great graphic work.

Here are some of the great pieces which were on display.


A very good display and I would recommend it to anyone who has the ability to go back in time to visit such things.

Harry Potter Studio Tours

Yesterday I got the pleasure of visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tours. It is a Harry Potter fan’s dream. The whole place was packed with sets, costumes, props and even interviews with the creators and actors of Harry Potter. In this article I will be running you through some of the best bits about my visit.

To start off (after the half hour wait to get in) you watch a few introduction videos, which tell you a bit about what you are going to see. You then go into one of the most highly anticipated sets. The Great Hall.

Just seeing this amazing and recognisable set is magic in itself, but there was also a great number of character’s costumes lining the walls.

Next you go into a huge room with a display of the different props and sets that were used. Among them were Hagrid’s hut, Hogwarts Gate, The Burrow Kitchen, The Gringotts cart, Harry Potter’s Dormitory, Tom Riddle’s Diary and many other wonders.

Also here was the set of Dumbledore’s Office. This was another example of the immense work and effort that went into the Harry Potter films. Every single memory bottle was hand labelled, and every book was leather bound individually.

Next was an outside area where we could view some of the outdoor sets including Privet Drive, The Knight Bus and The Hogwarts Covered Bridge.

The Last section of the tours shows us the other areas of creating Harry Potter. Here we say how the electronic props were made as well as the effort that has gone into designing and building the sets. Last of all we came to the Hogwarts model. This is a massive 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts. It has been used on the first six films (Deathly Hallows Part 2 was computerised) and has been made to minuscule detail. Every window has lights, every door handle was individually sculptured and even the weather vain was hand made out of bronze.

So that was the end of my tour. If any of you Potter fans haven’t seen it yet then what are you waiting for?

My top 5 Harry Potter Characters

Today I will be rounding up all the Harry Potter characters and choosing my favourite five.

5. Scabior

Although a rather minor character in the books I feel that his increased role in the last two films created a recognisable follower of Voldemort.

Scabior takes on the role of the leader of the Snatchers in the last two films and is the one who captures Harry, Ron and Hermione before leading them to Malfoy Manor. In the last film he can be seen during the battle of Hogwarts where he plummets to his death when the Covered bridge collapses.

4. Hagrid

Where would we be without this old fellow? Although slightly mad sometimes and supporting a worrying obsession with magical creatures, Hagrid has always been a sanctum for Harry, and plays a vital role in most of the stories.

3. Minerva Mcgonagall

I suppose the reason I like the character of Minerva Mcgonagall, is because she (after Dumbledore) is the main figure of authority within Hogwarts. She plays a big part in both the films and books but doing just enough to remain as a sideline character.

Her role in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was significantly increased and she was seen in many scenes commanding the forces that were defending Hogwarts.

2. Lucius Malfoy

What is there to say about Lucius Malfoy! The Rich Death Eater, one minute striding in and out of the ministry, the next minute torturing Muggles. During his first appearances he portrayed such an image of grandeur and power until the last films where he was taken prisoner in his own house, scared of his own master.

1. Bellatrix Lestrange

And last but not least Bellatrix Lestrange.

This slightly mad and devoted follower of Voldemort appears in the last 4 books and last 4 films. I have to admit that when I saw he portrayal in the fifth film, I wasn’t that impressed however after the sixth, seventh and eighth films I was in no doubt.

She’s in no doubt my favourite character just for the bizarity of her actions and the lengths to which she will go to impress Voldemort. And of course her downfall during the battle of Hogwarts.

Top 5 Book Series

After the brilliant post I did a few days ago, I set my mind on thinking up a sequel. However, whilst browsing through my book collection, I found that I have not read many bad books and most of the ones I have had been put down after the first few pages.

And so I turned my attention to those book series that everybody loves. Book series give you the chance to get to know the characters and the on-going storylines in a way that normal books don’t. Here goes.

5. Children of the red king – Jenny Nimmo

This eight-part series tells the tale of Charlie Bone as he discovers about his ancestor, the red King and the powers his descendants have inherited.

In my opinion I feel that this series (as a child’s series) is a little complex and very unrealistic. However the series does suck you in making you want to discover more about the Red King’s world.

4. Echo Falls Trilogy – Peter Abrahams

Echo Falls, a town where nothing is as it seems, and Ingrid Levin-Hill a young girl fantasising about life as a detective. This trilogy is full of great deceiving mysteries as well as on-going storylines between the characters.

3. Power of Five – Anthony Horowitz

10,000 years ago, the world was in turmoil and under the control of the all-powerful Old Ones. However the Old Ones were defeated by the five, five children who had the control to banish these beings.

Today the Old Ones are awakening again and the five children are reborn.

2. Harry Potter – JK Rowling

Everybody knows this one, the story about the boy wizard who finds out about the magical world, hidden from Muggles.

The only surprise here is how Harry Potter didn’t get the top spot was not because Harry Potter has any particular faults (all though the first few books are badly written) it is mainly because number one is so brilliant.

1. His Dark Materials trilogy – Philip Pullman

I love the word trilogy.

This timeless classic, written spectacularly and containing such varying themes, is set in a parallel universe where people’s souls (dæmons) walk beside them in the shape of animals. But this world is disrupted by corruption. Children are being taken and a hole between the universes is being blown open.

I love this series, the first book; Northern Lights is probably my favourite ever book (the only reason it was not included in the last post was because that post did not contain books from series).

Coolio, that was fun. Reading over that list definitely makes you remember all the great books there are out there.

Check regularly for updates on my blog, what might I write about next?

Mad about Pottermore

 I pride myself as being a great fan of Harry Potter. I have read the first book 16 times and the rest countless more times. I know nearly everything there is to know about the Potter universe and have memorised great chunks of the text.

So I, like many others, was very sad when the last film came out, as it marked the end of the time when I would always be looking forward to the release of the next book or film.

However I soon heard tell about a brand new, interactive Potter website which would be coming online at the end of the year. Its name, Pottermore!

And so I waited for this new site that would be coming open soon. And waited. And waited.

6 months later than promised. I was allowed in.

 Although annoyed about having to wait so long for them to fix a couple of server problems, I cannot deny that the chance to explore Pottermore was exciting. You emerge into a bright purple ‘Gateway’ filled with mysterious swirls and graphics which had obviously not come cheap.

As you explore the world of Pottermore you can see all parts of the story that you never see in the films and to an extent, the books either. Scattered along the way are objects, books and even specially written content by JK Rowling.

You also get a chance to be sorted into one of the houses yourself. GO GRYFFINDOR!

Trust me. Pottermore is amazing. Try it out.

And while you’re there, you can add me            ^^^^^^.