Is This the Way to Amarillo? (Parody)

Going travelling around Europe and having nothing to show for it except a load of photos and a slightly higher appreciation of culture?

Nope, we couldn’t resist but make a video on our little holiday, and here it is. We made it as a parody to Peter Kay’s 2005 music video for Tony Christie’s song Is This the Way to Amarillo?

To read about our trip, check out my articles on; Venice, Budapest and Athens.

I’m in a Music Video!

Erm, yeh. The title of this post sort of sums up the whole situation; I’m in a music video!

Well, I say I’m in it. I can’t actually find myself. I’m in the crowd somewhere. I was there when it was being filmed so I must be there. If anybody could point me out that would be great! 🙂

Anyway, you can watch the video below. Be warned it’s quite sweary and actually a pretty bad song if I’m honest. Why was I at that concert again?