The Note-Taker

Today was one of my school’s twice-yearly ‘Academic Review Days’. Basically it means you go into school, chat to a teacher for 15 minutes about how you are doing, and go home again.

One of my targets for improvement was to make a summary sheet for each lesson I do. My teacher got a bit carried away with ideas; firstly it was sheets, next using a dictatorphone and then even getting onto making a blog. I don’t think he was being serious.

However I had taken a shine to the idea. If you want to see my new blog ‘The Note-Take’ then go to:

Let the note-taking commence.

The PenPal Advert

A new age is opening for PenPal. Today marks the opening of PenPal’s own Youtube channel and more importantly, an actual advert!

To open the advert in Youtube click here

To open are new Youtube channel click here

Thanks to Pottermore for the music and Beachfront clips for the fantastic videos and also lifeofcowie and geniuswords for telling me about Beachfront clips in the first place so really it’s by theire genius that I managed to make this clip at all.

Let the blogging commence

I would not say that I commit myself to many things. But when I do, I always give it my best shot.

This blog; PenPal is really just a place where I can scrawl out all my thoughts; whether it be a good book I have just read, quote I have heard, or just something that I have decided that others may be mildly interested to see.

I have had a blog before. A moderately well-known Doctor Who site which still manages to rope in 20 or so internet wonderers a day. And I hope to continue my blogging success here.

Keep reading. You don’t know what might be going on!

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