News Quiz and Newsjack Recordings

The thing with growing older and starting to care about the fate of the world, is that you actually understand the political jokes on Radio 4!… or so I’ve been told.

So I’ve been to two more radio recordings recently; The News Quiz and Newsjack, and I’ll be reviewing both of them here in a crazy cross-over post! Oh how exciting.

News Quiz

The News Quiz Series 86, Episode 1

When all looks bleak and empty, along comes Sandi Toksvig to brighten up your [life] bringing yet another series of everyone’s favourite topical panel show; the News Quiz. As a new series started her guests were Jeremy Hardy, Susan Calman, Samira Ahmed (a journalist) and Phil Jupitus. The topics under discussion varied nicely, with politics (wooo!) getting a fair dollop of airtime, as did the fate of the BBC and Susan Calman’s internet browsing habits. Whilst it’s fair to say most of Phil Jupitus’ jokes fell flat, Sandi did make one hilarious joke concerning the nation’s unemployed.

News Quiz“I’m sure we can find plenty of things for the unemployed to do, marrying Stephen Fry for example.”

I met Toksvig, Hardy, Calman and Ahmed after the show; for autographs and banter!

News Quiz Autographs

Newsjack Series 12, Episode 6

And so comes to an end Nish Kumar’s first series as host of Newsjack. I won’t lie, I was sceptical at his casting but he’s done surprisingly well. Whilst it’s hard for anyone to reach the level of Justin Edwards, he’s certainly put 2014’s Romesh Ranganathan to shame.

Newsjack - Nish KumarAnyways, the episode was highly politics-based with the upcoming election parodied on so many different fronts. We were also treated to some racist James Bond, sexual pandas and of course some witty witty one-liners.

Autographs followed the show, obviously, and many of the cast signed by increasingly crowded chopping board (don’t worry, you’ll see it eventually).

NesjackBoth shows will return later in the year, for now though we’ll have to content ourselves with… the election!

Newsjack Recording – Series 9 Episode 2

2013-09-25 21.01.02So it’s that time of year again. The nights are getting earlier, the house is getting colder and, oh yes; Newsjack is back!

For those of you who don’t know/care, Newsjack is a topical radio sketch show with an ‘Open Doors Policy’ which means that anybody can send in their sketches to be recorded.

What with all good radio comedy, the beeb needed some people to laugh in the background and so I got the chance to sit in a room, one half of the only two teenagers in a room of middleaged business men and women.

We saw the return of the main cast which features Justin Edwards from Skins, Lewis Macleod (a.k.a Postman Pat) and Margaret Cabourn-Smith who’s obviously got a good agent as she’s in everything.

tickets 001A great show we had, full of jokes about selfies, the iPhone 5s and the Pope. We were also treated for a fair bunch of spontaneous hilarity from the cast which included Edwards womanising a bit and Macleod getting annoyed with one of the audience after they told him to redo a line.

Got some autographs, got a script, had a talk with Carl Cooper about how to pursue a career in radio producing. Whoppe!

The current series of Newsjack is airing thursday nights at 11pm on BBC Radio .

Newsjack Recording – Series 8 Episode 5

156083_612439188771609_1176274895_nA few days ago I went to, yes, another radio recording. This time it was for Series 8, Episode 5 of BBC Radio 4 Extra program, Newsjack.

However there was one significant difference to this recording than the others I have been too, for it took place at the BBC Broadcasting House rather than the usual RADA Studios.

CIMG9009However it was a nice change for the Broadcasting house is many things that RADA sadly isn’t. Those are big, clean, bright and well-staffed.

There are floors upon floors of offices with people updating the weather or editing the news footage. The place was nicly furbished (having had a multi-million pound 296507_612439325438262_1306766627_nrefurbishment a few years ago). It also has life-size models of both the TARDIS and a dalek, which were quite fun to pose for pictures in front of.

However being big a new, the broadcasting house had a slightly artificial tone and was definitely not as friendly as RADA. The women on reception’s forehead reflected the light above and she spoke with an American ac164396_612439332104928_776312710_ncent! You have no idea how much I hate American accents.

The show itself was excellent however two famialiar faces were missing; Host Justin Edwards and actress Pippa Evans. Some great jokes were cracked including the workings of the new Pope’s mind and a ‘Mind the Gap’ CD.

Me, and some friends, and a TARDIS

Newsjack Recording – Series 8 Episode 3

Newsjack Series 8 Episode 3Newsjack is a radio-comedy-news based-sketch show (there is a name for that but I’ve forgotten it) broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. It is an unusual show it that it is made up entirely of sketches and one-liners sent in by members of the public before being performed by actors.

The stars of the show are Justin Edwards, Lewis MacLeod and Pippa Evans. It also stars The Audiencethe fabulously fabulous Margaret Cabourn-Smith, star of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Program, Miranda and Do the Right Thing. Yesterday I got the pleasure of going to the recording of Series 8 Episode 3 of Newsjack.

I took place at the ever-familiar RADA studios in London, somewhere I had been once to the recording of Cabin Pressure and twice to follow celebrities into coffee shops. The full castHowever the difference here was that instead of the long que of eccentric, middle-aged and single women, the crowed there was that of normal people. Normal people, with lives! It made four small and quite teenagers seem quite out-of-place.

We started off with a little intro from producer Ed Morrish, also producer of Souvenir Program, and then another from Justine Edwards and us!lead actor Justin Edwards. The cast then entered and we were then subjected to a hilarious forty-five minutes of sketch which included Al-Qaeda’s guide to keeping safe during a drone attack, David Bowie popping up everywhere and the familiar Newsjack app.

Afterwards my friends and I stayed around, perilously assessing the risk of going up to My signed ticketsomeone and asking them for 6 autographs (there were four of us). At the end of it we walked out having met Lewis MacLeod, Pippa Evans and Justin Edwards. Unfortunatley we were not able to catch Margaret Caboun-Smith before she left, nor could we pluck up the courage to sneak into a circle of people to get the autograph of Ed Morrish. Oh well.