Is This the Way to Amarillo? (Parody)

Going travelling around Europe and having nothing to show for it except a load of photos and a slightly higher appreciation of culture?

Nope, we couldn’t resist but make a video on our little holiday, and here it is. We made it as a parody to Peter Kay’s 2005 music video for Tony Christie’s song Is This the Way to Amarillo?

To read about our trip, check out my articles on; Venice, Budapest and Athens.

Those tweets tho’

Ah the wonderful world of Twitter. I wonder how many of their 300 million users actually enjoy summing up their thoughts into an insubordinatley small amount of characters on a daily basis, whilst simultaneously being aware these thoughts must be phrased in an incredibly witty way to ensure any size of readership. Well I for one… do not.

Except it would seem, when I get tweeted by famous people, now that does get me excited. This happened about a month ago. Those who know me will know that I am always eager to expand my growing collection of Game of Thrones autographs, so I sought out Charlotte Hope on Twitter. Charlotte, of course, plays Ramsay Snow’s psychopath girlfriend Myranda in series 3, 4 and got some serious screen time in the latest episode of series 5. Anyway, she said she’d be happy to sign a photo for me.

Charlotte Hope TweetAnd later that week, I was met with more correspondence, albeit of a more passive-aggressive manner. A few weeks ago I gave a very negative review of new sitcom ‘Car Share’. Anyway, the production company who made that show; Core Post, read my review and were less than pleased. Obviously believing the philosophy that ‘All publicity is good publicity’, they thanked me for my viewership, yet kindly pointed out a mistake; that there was no green screen in the episode. At least someone on their team has a sense of humor, maybe they could write a sitcom.

Car Share TweetIf anyone wants to tweet me, I’d love to hear your comments; @penpalthe.

Peter Kay’s Car Share, Episode 1 Review

Usually if a TV show is bad, I just turn it off and watch something else, but for Peter Kay’s latest sitcom; Car Share, I had to make an exception. I could hardly write a long and ranty blog post about it without watching it, could I?

The program focusses on John (Kay) who, due to a work car share scheme, finds himself driving colleague Kayleigh to work every day. And we viewers are treated to the supreme pleasure of watching these two polar opposites pass witty remarks at each other, and get into ‘hilarious’ situations. Also, the whole thing takes place inside a car. A car.

Car ShareSo what were these ‘hilarious’ situations in episode 1? Well, aside from an incident involving a bottle of urine and a lengthy conversation about how Kayleigh assumed John to be gay, there wasn’t anything really. The blatant use of green screen was funny, I’ll give them that.

And what makes the whole situation worse is Kay’s complete lack of ability in the field of acting. I won’t claim to be an expert of course, but driving round shouting lines in a monotone Lancashire accent does not count as acting. I would never claim him to be the worst actor ever, for that title surely must belong to his co-star Sian Gibson, who’s thoroughly one-dimensional character Kayleigh nearly drove me mad with a mix of exasperation and boredom.

I certainly will not be watching the rest of the series, due to my arrangements to scour my soul to remove any memory of the first, abysmal episode. Whilst it’s a shame to see such a great comedian lowered to such a terribly un-funny program, it was certainly to be expected when the beeb announced they were chucking all the episodes on iPlayer at once.