a face amidst a crowd

Hey everyone, please take a look at this poem I wrote recently.
And yes, the lower case thing is intentional, you can do what you want in poetry right?

When Vipers Sing (Poem)

Another poem from me, hope you guys enjoy! As for what it means, well who am I to say? You decide for yourselves.

Whispers in the Mind (Poem)

Why do the whispers in the mind And scissor blades upon the skin Inspire in me, so deep within Words to feed my hungry soul. And why does anger light the spark Igniting fire within that dark And destitute pit of trite. No other time, does my hand move And start to scrawl, with coarse…

Another Poem… About Peace

Okay guys here’s another poem. You see I was thinking ‘Man, there’s so much conflict in the world. Why can’t we all just love each other?” Silly old romantic me aye. Imagine a room Silent of sound Just a tabby, a hamster, a duck and a hound Sitting together in peace and in calm Without…

Belonging (Poem)

I walked alone that hell cold night into the arms of dawn.   I walked alone no road in sight the player turned the pawn.   Engulfed by the winds ahead yet never look behind.   Harrowed by the ones I fled fate not yet resigned.   Belonging wanted, wished, not found amongst that godly…