Aaron Richards (Young Mycroft Holmes) Interview

An exclusive interview with Aaron Richards, reflecting on his time playing young Mycroft Holmes in the Sherlock episode ‘The Final Problem’.


Sherlock Series 3 Review

It was two years ago that we saw Sherlock Holmes fall to his death and somehow survive. Two years of constant waiting, constant theories and fanficiton. Hours have been spent anticipating the return of Sherlock Holmes. And now another Series is over. There were three episodes in the third series of Sherlock, all of which…

Sherlock Filming Locations Trip

A few days ago, me and my good friend Tim went on a little trip to London and visited many of the locations used to shot scenes from Sherlock. We made this little documentary about the day. Enjoy everybody!

A shrine for Sherlock

Today me and my friend went on a trip to London where we toured some of the many places Sherlock has been filmed. When we got to St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the place where Sherlock faked his death, we found a phone box which had been converted into a shrine of messages for the dead…

A Study of Sherlock

How often is it that we find a TV drama that we find generally interesting and exciting? Not very often I hear you cry. Sherlock is one of those rarities. Brilliantly written, well thought through and a perfect twist on the original Sherlock Holmes books. Sherlock follows the trails of two detectives (played by Benedict…