PenPal is 2!

If somebody had told me two years ago that I’d still be posting random, meaningless spiel on this site, I certainly would not have believed them. But the time seems to have flown by and today marks my blog’s second anniversary.

To be honest I thought this site would be a fling, a mere phase to be looked back on with embarrassment but it has turned into a prominent part of my life. I believe having kept a blog has been a great experience, I can look back and see what I used to get up to and how my writing style has changed (oh my word, it used to be awful)! I would definitely recommend keeping yourself a blog, it really is a great way to look back and reflect.

Here’s to another 2+ more years of PenPal!

My first post:

A late Anniversary

curved edgesI’ve known for quite a long time that my blog’s anniversary is on the 22nd of April. I’ve been planning a great post for months, something that will stand out, maybe even a brand new advert. However when the times came for my anniversary I had not prepared any of this for, incredibly, I forgot about it.

It would be nice to have a post about your anniversary ON your anniversary but this is better than nothing. What’s a week when I’ve been going a year?

A year! A year! I know, a fairly moderate amount of time for a blog to be going. I’m not so surprised about this length of time (God, it’s felt more like 4 years) but I’m more surprised that I have been regularly blogging for that amount of time.

So everybody, please be nice and comment on this post and like it, and follow my blog, and like my facebook page, and tweet to me on twitter, and recommend me to your friend and print out posters and stick them around wherever. Or alternatively you could just stop reading now.


Being the kind, delightful and charming young man I am, I am often concerned for the welbeing of others. In this case those others are owls.

I came across this charity a few weeks ago and since then have been following it vigorously to find out more about the amazing work they do.

The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary works hard at preserving owls and other such birds of prey. They take in lost or injured owls and work rehabilitating them for the wild. They also have a scheme where members of the public can ‘adopt’ their own owls and sponsor their upkeep.

I thoroughly think that this is a really worthy cause and that any animal lover should look into it.

For more information go to:

P.S. I would also like to thank geniuswords and lifeofcowie for nominating me for the Versitile blogger award, which is a great honor. If anyone else wants to nominate me as well then be my guest.

I love couscous

When you’ve finished a hard day there is nothnig better then a nice heap of couscous to fill you up.

Couscous is my favorite food because it is utterly delicious, and it’s also very light so if you are camping, i is not very heavy to put in your backpack.

Eat couscous, the best food in the world!

Blogs of Today

It is incredibly rare, to find a good blog that is updated on a regular occasion.

I myself, have spent years trying to find good blogs, that would always have something different when I next looked and so I always had something good to read on the internet.

Of course one of the obvious exceptions is this blog (as we all know it is the best) but I have still composed a short list for you, on some of my favorite blogs.

Genius Words

This site is full to bursting with phrases and words that the author considers ‘Genius’.

It also sometimes has reviews on books and TV Shows on which the author has some intresting views.

Check it out. It’s Genius!

An English Teacher’s Toolbox

This one’s an intresting one as I can’t particuarily say it would be much good to an English teacher.

However it does have a really good collection of cool pictures, phrases and statistics.

You have to see it to know what I mean.

Doctor Who TV

For fans of Doctor Who such as I, this blog is a minefield of imformation.

It has practically everything you want to know about Doctor Who, and is updated everyday as well!

Quotational Quotes

It is pretty obvious to guess what this one is about, but I’ll tell you anyway.

It’s full of quotes! I know. Genius! Whatever you want a quote for, it will be there.

And new ones are added everyday.

Ok, so we’ve rapped up my little summary of blogs. I know there are hundreds more good ones but these are the ones I decided to write summaries about.

Check um’ out. And tell everybody about this one because it’s even better then those.


Coming Soon: Facebook vs Twitter

Let the blogging commence

I would not say that I commit myself to many things. But when I do, I always give it my best shot.

This blog; PenPal is really just a place where I can scrawl out all my thoughts; whether it be a good book I have just read, quote I have heard, or just something that I have decided that others may be mildly interested to see.

I have had a blog before. A moderately well-known Doctor Who site which still manages to rope in 20 or so internet wonderers a day. And I hope to continue my blogging success here.

Keep reading. You don’t know what might be going on!

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