The Higher Institute of Villainous Education

HIVE; a school hidden on a mysterious island, in the middle of the Pacific island. HIVE; a school house in a volcano, home to scientists, assasins and talking cats. HIVE; the ultimate school for villains.

The HIVE serues follows the trail of Otto Malpense, Wing Fanchu, Laura Brand and Shelby Trinity as they begin their shady education at HIVE, being trained to become master villains.

During their HIVE careers they face dangers beyond imagination. Giant, mutant plants, killer robots and an out of control artificial-intelligence.

Along the way they begin to discover the secrets behind their own lives from Otto; born to house Overlord; the Artificial – intelligence or Wing whose father was a scientist and died to protect his secrets.

I would definitely recommend this series to any teen-reader as it is a great combination of adventure, action and science fiction.

How are chairs like Facebook?

As most Facebook users will know, recently Facebook has hit the 1 billion users target. And although this number probably contains scores of users who are:

  1. Not real.
  2. Duplicate accounts.
  3. Pets or soft toys.
  4. Dead.

Facebook still thought it necessary to launch a brand new advert to mark this occasion. Please note this is only a shortened version of the ad.

Now most of you will agree with me that this advert is, for use of the common phrase, pathetic. I don’t think anybody has ever looked at a chair and though “My oh my, this chair really reminds me of Facebook”. I think I am also right in saying that this applies to aeroplanes, doorbells, bridges and; for some even more bizarre reason, basketball.

Another poor point was about halfway through when the makers of the advert were obviously at a loss to find something else people share. I quote:

“about ideas, and music and other things that people share.”

Facebook has obviously taken a gamble with this advert and, for me, it hasn’t paid off.

Doctor Who vs Merlin

Well this is a first, me updating my blog not three days after my last post!

Anyone who’s Saturday nights consist of sitting in front of BBC one with a mug of coffee and a plate of toast, will have noticed that recently two big BBC rivalries have been broadcast in quick succession.

That’s right I am talking about Doctor Who and Merlin. For years the young and the old have argued about which of these now classic dramas is the best, and today I am going to be answering that question.

Let us start with Doctor Who. Doctor Who used to be one of my favourite shows. Every Saturday I would sit down, eager for another episode of David Tennant charging about battling monsters. Those were the days.

In 2010 not only David Tennant but also head writer Russell T Davies and Executive Producer Julie Gardner would be leaving the show. I was upset but still willing to stick by the new doctor; played by an unheard of actor Matt Smith as well as Steven Moffat who had written for Doctor Who before.

However when the show returned it was filled with weak storylines, week plots, week acting and weak storylines. I hated both the 5th and 6th series and Matt Smith and the team have only ever tried to pull themselves together for the 7th series.

I watched Merlin ever since it started in 2008. If anything Merlin was a completely opposite case to Doctor Who, starting worse and then progressively getting better.

Merlin follows a young boy, struggling to protect his secret of magic, in a kingdom where he would be killed if it be discovered. During this he befriends the legendary Prince Arthur, serving girl Gwen and Court Physician Gaius.

In a way, every episode was mainly the same but you can’t help loving Merlin.  The progressive storylines, the changing characters, the great dragon who is in it less and less.

So I think you will see by now that Merlin has definitely overthrown Doctor Who. Sherlock however is a different matter…

The PenPal Magazine

At school I am currently undertaking the ASDAN CoPE qualification.

To complete this you have to undertake several tasks and challenges which you can undertake in any way you can. Here is the latest task I have been given:

“You have two weeks to publish and book or magazine of at least 6 pages, which costs £2 per copy. However you have no money to pay for it to be printed.”

To complete this challenge I created a magazine called ‘The PenPal Magazine’, and sold black and white copies (which I printed out for free at school).

The magazine is full of previous blog articles which can all be found on this blog. Now I have done this task I would like to share my magazine with everyone, so you can read it as well.

Magazine Cover Magazine Pages