The Olympic Torch comes to Croydon

After two months of hearing about every

other cities’ experience of the Olympic flame, today I got to witness it myself.

I recently heard that today 20,000 went to watch the Olympic Flame travel through Croydon, one of whom was myself. The crowd was dense, the sun intense and yet the excitement of being just a small part in something that is dominating our country, was greater still.

And so I waited, watched while the sponsorship vans came past, stared at the commuters dangling out of their office windows, waiting for the one moment which soon came.

The first I knew about it was a tremendous cheer from down the road and along came a procession of vans, amidst whom was a man jogging, and waving with the torch in his hand. I had more time than most to admire the flame as the torchbearers changed right in front of me.

And then they were off again, just a memory and soon they were out of site. And here came the best bit, the crowds filling the streets, swarming into every McDonalds in sight to get their lunch.

At least I can always say that today I was part of history (although quite a small part).

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

I may confess that I spend too much time watching films over and over again, and rarely straying out from a select few. However recently I have engaged myself with the award winning, Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The stories are set on the mystical land of Middle-Earth, a place ruled by the evil tyrant Sauron.

The stories mainly focus on young Frodo Baggins, a hobbit who is on a quest to destroy the one ring; the source of Sauron’s power and therefore rid Middle-Earth of Sauron forever.

Along the way he meets loads of people such as Gandalf the Grey (played by Ian McKellen) and the evil creature Gollum (voiced by Andy Serkis).

I would whole-heartedly recommend these films to anybody in need of something to watch, as I have really enjoyed them.


A Punch and Judy Show

Ahhhh, one of the joys of a child’s life has to be watching a Punch and Judy show. I must admit I never really saw many of them when I was younger, but recently I have revisited that great experience.

Some may say that sitting on the grass, watching a puppet stand containing a man doing ridiculous voices for a hysterical crowed of toddlers, boring but I on the other hand, find it a really beautiful experience.

And what completes the scene are the battered puppets, the out-dated jokes and awful music. So if you have never seen this classic show, then I suggest you find a show, and go there as soon as you can!

Punch and Judy

Go Compare – Saving the Nation

I have recently caught wind of an advert which is quite literally ‘Saving our nation’.

Like any person, I hate the go compare adverts with that singing guy with the moustache. At last someone has done something about it.

The Great Elastic Band Chase 2009-2012

In September 2009 I started Secondary School and this meant a thirty minute walk to school every morning (and thirty minutes home again).

While walking I noticed that the pavement was littered with red elastic bands, dropped by the postman, I’m sure you know the ones I mean. They were on every street, in large piles by the post box. And instinctively I began to pick them up. And so my collection began to grow.

Quite soon I decided to make this little hobby into a scientific experiment. I could measure the amount of bands dropped, by picking up every one I saw. This would be a great way to measure the amount of money wasted by the Postal service as well as the effects on the environment.

For three years now, I have been picking up bands and now have a collection of 3094, 3541 if you count a load my friends gave to me as a Christmas present.

As you can see from the graph below (not above) my overall collecting has significantly risen, especially between 2009-10 and 2010-2011. However the reason for this may have been because I am picking up the bands more nowadays.

There has been a very slight increase from 2010-2011 to 2011-2012. From my observations I think the peak of my collecting has been late last year when there were loads to be found however now the supply has sum what dried up.

I thoroughly intend to keep my little experiment going and have already started picking up bands for next year’s collection. For my next update come back in one year!

Sweatshops to Superdry

Sweatshops are one of the unavoidable sins of the twenty first century. No matter where we buy our clothes, at whatever expense and from whatever source the truth is that they probably started life off in a sweatshop.

Sweatshops are small and cramped buildings in poor countries. These buildings are likely to be the size of a small classroom and usually have about 30 men and women working really hard in cramped, hot conditions making clothes for very little pay. Ever wondered how Primark sells their clothes so cheap, well it’s probably because the workers who made it only get a hundredth of the price for which it was sold.

Unfortunately there is very little awareness of this terrible issue. Just remember, when you are picking T-Shirts off the rack. Just remember where they came from.

The Rubix Conundrum

I have always struggled with the incomprehensible conundrum that is the Rubix Cube. It completely baffles me, turning the rows, the columns, constantly turning but to no avail.

And what is even more infuriating is that my 10 year old brother can complete almost the whole cube and yet I am still stuck on finishing the second side.

I have spent hours fiddling with this little puzzle and yet I have ended up nowhere. So really the point of this article was for me to tell you, don’t waste your time.