Chain Reaction Recording – Olivia Colman and Sharon Horgan

Back in October 2014 (I have oft said that my writing habits are somewhat irregular) I visited the Beeb once again to see a recording of Chain Reaction, featuring comedian Sharon Horgan and the face of British television; Olivia Colman.

Sharon Horgan
The producers of Chain Reaction call it a ‘tag team interview show’ with each interviewee becoming the interviewer in the next episode. The series has had some big names attached to it in the past with this series featuring Derren Brown, Reece Shearsmith and comedy duo Vic and Bob.

Olivia Colman
In this episode comedian Sharon Horgan (currently starring in Channel Four’s Catastrophe) was being interviewed by the one and only Olivia Colman (star of Rev, Broadchurch, Green Wing, Doctor Who, Twenty Twelve and pretty much everything else on TV). The questions, written by Colman herself (what a woman!) were diverse, covering everything from her writing environment to her relationship with the cast of Pulling. It was an entertaining interview I must admit, but then it would have to be, surely.

Me and Olivia ColmanAfter the show Horgan slipped through my fingers, damn, but I did meet and talk to the lovely Olivia Colman, who posed for photo and signed autographs for me and my friends. What a lovely woman! I mean, who doesn’t love Olivia Colman?

Start/Stop Recording – Series 2

So yeah, went to another recording last week met the cast, met Olly Murs and got myself on the One Show! Not a bad evening. 

So the show was called Stop/Start and its romantic comedy from BBC Radio 4. It focuses on three failing marriages and the situations the couples find themselves in with each other, as a group and on their own. The show is rather unique in that the characters often address the audience in an ‘internal monologue’ sort of way.

???????????????????????????????The show is written by and stars Jack Docherty (the big Scottish guy from Badults) and also stars Kerry Godliman (Our Girl, Derek), Charlie Higson (yep, the children’s author) and Sally Brett (Not Going Out). 

The two episodes I saw being recorded featured a date night between the three couples and a friend’s wedding. They also had John Noble (the real voice of Siri) providing the voice of Siri. ???????????????????????????????Although I have never got round to listening to series one of the program, I settled straight into the drama. The writing was great and the quality of the character’s thoughts was superb. I look forward to hearing the rest of the series when it broadcasts on BBC Radio 4, later in the year. Picture2So what else happened? Oh yeah, Olly Murs! He was on Radio 1 earlier in the day and was just signing for people when we arrived, surrounded by a mob of sobbing fan girls. I got a selfie and an autograph! What a lovely man!

Picture1Oh yeah, the One Show! There I am behind Chris Evans. Wish I was looking at the camera though…

Picture3Thanks for the photos.

Welcome to Our Village Recording – Series 2 Episodes 1 & 3

“What’s this? A radio (YAY!) sitcom (YAAY!) starring Peter Davison (YAAAY!) and Hannah Murray (YAAAAY)? Of course I flippin’ want to go and see that.”

…was my reaction to seeing tickets for ‘Welcome to Our Village’ appear online. Welcome to Our Village is a sitcom for BBC Radio 4 (originally Radio 2) based around a group of aliens invading a small, traditional English village. The cast includes Peter Davison (THE DOCTOR!), Hannah Murray (Cassie from Skins), Jan Francis (who reads the Famous Five audiobooks) and Hattie Morahan (Jane in Outnumbered).

Welcome to Our villageAlthough I had heard some dodgy reviews about the first series, the second was amazing! The first episode (Series 2 Episode 1) centered around the series leads Katrina and Lucy (Morahan and Murray) attempting the escape from the village, provoking the alien leader Uljabaan to seize the village allotments to grow murderous plants. The second episode (Series 2 Episode 3) deals with the aliens’ computer getting a new hobby; joining in with the village pub quiz!

Hannah MurrayAfter the show I met some of the cast however The Doctor (alias Peter Davison) managed to escape my grasp. However I did meet Hannah Murray who was THE NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD, Hattie Morahan and John Luke-Roberts (the computer). I also spoke with Ed Morrish the producer (who also produces John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme).

Me and Ed MorrishThe second series of ‘Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully’ airs later this year on BBC Radio 4.

Thanks a lot Milton Jones! Recording

One liners are great, who doesn’t like one liners? Not only are they short and easy to fit into a well-written sitcom but they are great for throwing into everyday conversations and claiming you made them yourself.

One man who does like one liners is Milton Jones, a TV and Radio Comic who frequently blesses Radio 4 with his presence. I must admit that although some of his jokes are funny, I find his monotonous and deadpan style slightly/very irritating. However when I saw he was making a new sitcom ‘Thanks a lot Milton Jones’, I decided to give it a go anyway.

1623737_788904277791765_1422821377_n - CopyThe series revolves around Milton and his friend Anton (regular collaborator Tom Goodman-Hill) who run a sort of ‘Private Investigating Service’. Whether it be smugglers or somebody writing bad reviews about B&Bs, they can solve any problem. These in fact were the two scenarios of the episodes that were recorded and both of them (incredibly) managed to be spun out long enough to fill thirty minutes. The hotel one was my favorite, simply because of its sheer ridiculousness. The pair start up their own hotel trying to catch the culprit behind the bad reviews and then claim to have a dead king buried beneath it. Very strange.

63522_788904441125082_720118610_n - CopyMilton Jones gave his usual ‘funny but annoying performance’ whilst Tom Goodman-Hill (My First Planet, Cabin Pressure) excelled and managed to give some depth to a sordid caricature. Ben Willbond (Horrible Histories, Rev.) guest starred in the episodes and put on a great french accent.

1604769_788904354458424_130948622_n - CopyAlthough not managing to grab a script, I did meet the entire cast as well as Jessica Raine (Call the Widwife) who was in the audience watching her partner (Goodman-Hill) perform.

The show will be on Radio 4 soon. I dunno when though.



The Brig Society Recording – Episodes 1 & 2

11899_635947326420795_1117507062_nYesterday I went to another radio recording. Yay! This time it was for a brand new sitcom; The Brig Society, starring Marcus Brigstocke.

Basically what happens is in each episode, Marcus volunteers to do some work for his local community and ends up being put in charge of whatever he volunteers for. The series (or at least the two episodes I saw) also stars Margaret Cabourn-Smith (Newsjack, 946626_635947469754114_207665429_nJohn Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme, Do the Right Thing), William Andrews (Sorry I’ve got no Head) and Rufus Hound (who has most probably been in some stuff).

The show was being recorded at RADA, which is by far my favourite studio out of the two I’ve been too. Being recorded were the first two episodes. The first (and the better) was when Marcus was put in charge of his 525238_635947676420760_474970956_nlocal hospital and the second when Marcus became a local fashion icon.

One of the things I love about radio recordings is that the audience do not just come in, sit down, laugh, clear off. The actors really do try to interact with the audience as much as possible. The producers and that the actors always try to provide added amusement which is very nice, especially as 405854_635947753087419_910051166_nit’s free. At the Now Show for instance, Hugh Dennis conducted the audience in a laughing Mexican Wave and this time Marcus Brigstocke went round the audience being highly critical about what some of them were wearing.

The shows were good, however were both an hour long which meant we were sitting there quite a long time. The show also had a 941768_635947789754082_1721358310_ntendency to spend far too long on certain jokes which made it boring if those jokes weren’t very funny anyway.

After the show we hung around and met some of the cast. I’d already met Mr Marcus Brigstocke so I simply told him that I admired his work on the childrens TV show ‘Stupid’ which was good when I was about six, but looking back it was kind of pathetic. 603740_635947799754081_723385906_nWe also met Rufus Jones (whose script I got) and then Maragret Cabourn-Smith! The actual Maragaret Cabourn-Smith!

(For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s been in John Finnemore’s Souvinere Programme and comedy Podcast; Do the Right Thing). We had a lovely chat with her. She told me I was too young to listen to Do the Right Thing and then advised me to go to The Edinburugh Fringe Festival. Fair do’s.

The Now Show Recording – Series 39 Episode 7

150190_622615704420624_219931792_nA few weeks ago some friends and I went to a recording of the Now Show, a topical news comedy show, hosted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis.
The show was being recorded at our home-away-from-home; RADA Studios. We got there early of course and willed away the hours wait by sitting in the bar but not buying anything. (That joke was sort of made less 522001_622615687753959_604730703_nfunny by the fact that we’re underage anyway).
Then, who’s this?, a random women! No, actually she worked at RADA and was coming round with some sheets where we had to answer the question ‘What disturbs you from work?’ however we had to answer it in a funny way so that it might be read out and be included in the program. Turns out none of  us are very funny people.150182_622615874420607_1393688917_n
The show was a laugh. Most of the sketches revolved around Ed and David Miliband, and most of them were actually quite funny. I can’t remember much more about what happened as it was so long ago (I haven’t posted in ages).
After the show we waited around to get autographs and for the first time we managed to get autographs from the ENTIRE cast!CIMG0033 Like all of them. That was Laura Shavin, Marcus Brigestocke, Jon Holmes, Steve Punt, Mitch Benn and Hugh Dennis (the dad in Outnumbered).
By hanging around after that we were also given some of the scripts, Mitch Benn’s, Marcus Brigestock’s and Hugh Denis’.

I got Hugh Dennis’!

Newsjack Recording – Series 8 Episode 3

Newsjack Series 8 Episode 3Newsjack is a radio-comedy-news based-sketch show (there is a name for that but I’ve forgotten it) broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. It is an unusual show it that it is made up entirely of sketches and one-liners sent in by members of the public before being performed by actors.

The stars of the show are Justin Edwards, Lewis MacLeod and Pippa Evans. It also stars The Audiencethe fabulously fabulous Margaret Cabourn-Smith, star of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Program, Miranda and Do the Right Thing. Yesterday I got the pleasure of going to the recording of Series 8 Episode 3 of Newsjack.

I took place at the ever-familiar RADA studios in London, somewhere I had been once to the recording of Cabin Pressure and twice to follow celebrities into coffee shops. The full castHowever the difference here was that instead of the long que of eccentric, middle-aged and single women, the crowed there was that of normal people. Normal people, with lives! It made four small and quite teenagers seem quite out-of-place.

We started off with a little intro from producer Ed Morrish, also producer of Souvenir Program, and then another from Justine Edwards and us!lead actor Justin Edwards. The cast then entered and we were then subjected to a hilarious forty-five minutes of sketch which included Al-Qaeda’s guide to keeping safe during a drone attack, David Bowie popping up everywhere and the familiar Newsjack app.

Afterwards my friends and I stayed around, perilously assessing the risk of going up to My signed ticketsomeone and asking them for 6 autographs (there were four of us). At the end of it we walked out having met Lewis MacLeod, Pippa Evans and Justin Edwards. Unfortunatley we were not able to catch Margaret Caboun-Smith before she left, nor could we pluck up the courage to sneak into a circle of people to get the autograph of Ed Morrish. Oh well.